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Certified Practicing Counsellor - PACFA reg no. 28556
ACA membership no. 25296

Children & Adolescents

After 20-plus years of working with young people in the education sphere, I am comfortable and skilled in connecting with children and adolescents. I enjoy helping them see their own strengths and build self-esteem. Depression, anxiety, sense of self and social issues can impact teenagers and children significantly. Childhood and adolescence can be challenging. Having a trusted counsellor to sort through confusing times and feelings can be the difference between thriving or just existing for any young person.  

Men’s Mental Health

Men are often less likely to have support networks around them and are also often subject to stressors which may remain unsupported as family life gets busier or work-life balance gets out of kilter. I enjoy working with men to understand their situations and use practical concepts and tools to change their lives positively. 

Women’s Mental Health 

Women are often stretched in different directions and despite having good support systems and friend circles, can benefit from working with a counsellor as they move through periods of transition in their lives. I am passionate about women building resilience and strength throughout their life, whether that be early career and life planning or later in life, facing some of the natural transitions that come to everyone. 

Grief & Loss

  Life can create a few bumps along the way, and seeking support is the best action you can take. Depression, Anxiety, life transitions, grief and loss all change the way we cope with life. These are all things which everyone faces to varying degrees and at different times throughout our lives. I have experience working with older people experiencing transitions into care or out of careers and with people experiencing grief and loss of all types. I also work with people living with life-limiting conditions and their carers. There are real ways we can work together, which can ease your experiences. Exploring how we can improve things together is a great first step to feeling better.  


Throughout our lives as human beings, we deal with our sexuality either with ease or with confusion and even shame and guilt. I believe that being able to discuss anything in a safe space with someone who is not judgmental can be immensely useful. Sexuality, sexual trauma, dysfunction, libido or sex drive and other aspects of human sexuality are up for discussion in my sessions. In fact, everything is ok to talk about. I believe in making the difficult things easy to talk about.
I look forward to helping you to feel better if this area of your life is causing you discomfort. 

  Proactive Wellbeing Care 

  Mental health is one part of our overall health. We are all in good mental health, poor mental health, or somewhere in between. If we ignore our mental health and well-being, we do so at our peril, as it will eventually catch up with us. Whether it’s a stressful workplace, parenting or relationship challenges, all these things can bring us unstuck if left unspoken. I believe in a proactive approach to our mental health. This means knowing ourselves, our history and what may trigger a downturn in our mental health. I would be honoured to partner with you in looking after your mental health in this proactive way  

Narrative Practice and Indigenous Healing Practice Influences

I do not identify as indigenous, but I greatly respect Indigenous healing practices worldwide, particularly in Australia. I have undertaken training with various indigenous corporations and organizations, including the We Ali Foundation. Whilst I am not an indigenous person, I try to incorporate indigenous concepts and ways of being into my work. I do this with gratitude and deep respect and in the spirit of learning and reconciliation. Indigenous healing practices have been used for thousands of years and include so much grounded, applicable, and profound wisdom that can be beneficial for everyone. I am influenced by these concepts and continue to learn and develop my knowledge about First Nations people, their culture, traditions and wisdom.