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You are the expert in your life, and sometimes, you just need a person to listen and walk with you through a challenging time. That's what I do; I am all about working together and being someone you can be honest with without fear of judgement.
I provide counselling services for Adults, Teenagers, and Children in person in Cleveland in Brisbane's Bayside suburbs. I also accept clients Australia-wide via online sessions.

  Clients seeking counselling from a certified practising counsellor who will work with them towards the change they seek will find a healing and comfortable space here. My work is person-centred and relationship-centred. By this, I mean that you, the client, are the centre and improving your situation and your relationship with those around you is key to the outcomes we will seek to create together. Working through a trauma-informed lens, with an integrative approach, I do not believe one size fits all, and I would like to get to know your specific situation by placing you as the expert in your own life and story and then we can apply practical tools and ways of thinking to help. I like to say that I counsel human beings, and I strive to be open, accepting, and non-judgmental. No subject is too difficult to discuss as we build trust in a strengths-based, trauma-informed framework. I am honoured to work with people who identify as LGBTQI, neurodiverse, from diverse cultural backgrounds and marginalized communities, such as those working in the sex work industry. My deep interest in peoples stories and how I can help them deal with the situations they find themselves in has been with me for life, and I treasure the opportunity to hear your story and see how I may be able to help. Taking your mental health and well-being seriously and seeking support is one of the best steps anyone can take. I would be honoured to work with you.  

Qualifications and modalities
I hold a Bachelor of Counselling and a current Blue Card for working with Children, Police Check and current first aid and CPR training. I also engage in regular professional development courses and continued study as well as engaging with professional supervision as required by PACFA and ACA..
Working together we may employ parts of Narrative therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychoeducation, Interpersonal Process therapy and mindfulness-based creative therapies, if they might be helpful to you. I don't expect you to bother with these technicalities because that's my job. For you, sessions should feel seamless and comfortable as we work through whatever has brought you to counselling. 

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Thoughts on a counselling approach...

Have you ever wondered about the differences between counsellors, psychologists or social workers? I think a lot of people do wonder. All of these professionals work with people to create the desired change. They all come from slightly different perspectives and work in different frameworks, but they all have their place and do good things. Let me just talk about what I do as a counsellor for a moment and how this might work for you. Firstly, I am not connected to the Medicare system. For some, this is a disappointment as you cannot get a rebate on my fees through Medicare or a mental health plan. Some Private Health funds will give rebates on counselling. On the other hand, the fee is about the same as your out-of-pocket expenses for seeing most psychologists. Secondly, I don't need you to have a referral, you can decide for yourself if you might benefit from some sessions. Some people appreciate that working with a counsellor is not recorded in your health record; to others, this is not important. The most important point, in my opinion, is that I work from a strengths-based approach. I see you as a whole person; there may be some issues you want to work on, but let's look at your strengths too and build on those to minimize the problems rather than looking through a "problem, deficit or diagnosis" lens.

Health Funds that offer a rebate for Counselling with Anna Fowke Counselling

BUPA, CUA Health (Telehealth only), Police Health, Emergency Services Health, Phoenix Health Fund, St Lukes Health and GMHBA.  

Anna has been enormously helpful to me.  I'm in my mid-sixties.   Sessions earlier in my life with psychologists had been less than constructive, so I was mildly sceptical when I started working with Anna. However, she quickly identified my issues with some engaging (and, yes, slightly uncomfortable) questions. We chatted through these issues, and she suggested some reading material backed up by some theory. This turned out to be the key to my understanding.  Full resolution took some time and effort on my part subsequently, and I was able to check in with Anna from time to time.  In a sense, she provided practical advice that men find hard to glean from their own friendship group. All up, I am now a much happier and more well-rounded man. I recommend Anna as a counsellor.


Working with Anna while I was in Grade 12 not only improved my grades but also helped me navigate my mental health through a time of a lot of stress and confusion. Anna was able to walk me through my feelings and pin down what was important and what I needed to focus on, which in turn reduced my stress levels tremendously. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need support during a rough time. She is amazing at what she does.


Anna Fowke

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