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This Blog contains my own thoughts on a range of topics related to counselling and being human. I am a registered counsellor and my work is evidence based. I take a narrative and existential look at the world and enjoy helping people through various challenges that we all face in life. I support the work of all mental health professionals and hope that we may all understand who does what a little better in the future and help people to access the right care at the right time in a practical and affordable way.
Couples counselling

Couples counselling

Monday, February 20, 2023

Marriage or relationship therapy

I really enjoy working with couples and I see the whole process as very personal and really lovely that you would trust me to join you in the conversations we would have. When you start to look for a therapist or counsellor to work with you in your relationship it is important that you find the right fit. You both need to be wanting to engage in therapy. You both need to feel comfortable with the therapist. Obviously they need to be a suitably qualified and registered counsellor with one of the governing bodies, either PACFA or ACA. Together you will set some goals or talk about why you want to work on your relationship and what you are working towards. Then it should be about letting the therapist in a little, letting them understand your relationship and who you each are in the relationship. This part can be tricky because you both need to feel heard and validated. I believe that neither person is my client in relationship work. The relationship and what is best for the relationship is my client and my goal. 

There are many types of relationship therapy such as Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT, the Gottman method, psychodynamic approaches to couples therapy, the Imago method and Narrative approaches to couples work to mention a few.  Just as there are many different ways of doing anything there are different ways of working with couples and different ways work for different couples. I am a narrative therapist who uses an integrative and pluralistic approach. This means that I work beside you towards your own goals and I use a wide range of tools and interventions that come from various evidence based methods to assist you in your goals. I do not believe one size fits all and I will always check in with you to see how we are travelling. This means that you both need to be engaged in the work and I do to. Together we will find ways to improve things and reach the best outcome for you. 

Why not come and meet me and see if together we can do some good work.

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