General Counselling for Adults, Adolescents and Children

General counselling

Clients seeking counselling from a certified practising counsellor who will work with them towards the change they seek will find a healing and comfortable space here. My work is person-centred and relationship-centred. By this, I mean that you, the client, are the centre and improving your situation and your relationship with those around you is key to the outcomes we will seek to create together. Working through a trauma-informed lens, with an integrative approach, I do not believe one size fits all, and I would like to get to know your specific situation by placing you as the expert in your own life and story and then we can apply practical tools and ways of thinking to help. I like to say that I counsel human beings, and I strive to be open, accepting, and non-judgmental. No subject is too difficult to discuss as we build trust in a strengths-based, trauma-informed framework. I am honoured to work with people who identify as LGBTQI, neurodiverse, from diverse cultural backgrounds and marginalized communities, such as those working in the sex work industry. My deep interest in peoples stories and how I can help them deal with the situations they find themselves in has been with me for life, and I treasure the opportunity to hear your story and see how I may be able to help. Taking your mental health and well-being seriously and seeking support is one of the best steps anyone can take. I would be honoured to work with you.